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One of the best giveaway items that you could give to your guests is a personalized glass with a twist – pint glasses. These unique drinking glasses are great for celebrations, fundraising, and events. Not only that, these are also the perfect way to promote and advertise your company or organization.

So if you are wondering where to find a good deal on highly detailed custom prints on glassware, you should check out Glass With A Twist. This company offer full design flexibility, and they can incorporate artwork into any setup.  They can also replicate your company’s or organization’s logo on their high quality glassware with great attention to detail. You should check them out for details

I purchased a couple of candy bowls from our local Dollar store to be use for the Halloween. I intentionally bought two of them because I would like to make the bowls looked like a pumpkin. So basically the other bowl covers the other one that has candy. I thought it was a pretty neat idea.