Chicken Eggs

One day just out of nowhere, our 5-year old daughter came to us and said she wants a baby brother and a baby sister. Hubby and I looked at each other and laughed. We’re shocked! We didn’t expect she wants to have a sibling/s. So, we asked her “How are we going to do that?” She answered “Well, mama can swallow 2 eggs!” How clever! She also uttered that┬áthose eggs will grow in my tummy and will turn into babies…hahhaha! She somehow thought that babies came from chicken eggs. Honestly, we’re not ready to tell her the story of ┬áthe birds and the bees yet, she’s too young to know all that stuff.

9 thoughts on “Chicken Eggs

  1. Hala, nanghihingi na nang kapatid! Come on, sis! No harm in giving in to her request. Grin

    But may I just say…that was such a cute story! I thought you were going to inform her about the birds and the bees na. Hahaha!
    Mama Mia recently posted..Dog Day Afternoon

  2. Aaaaw, your daughter is so cute asking that innocent question and having an innocent view about the birds and the bees. Let her be in her innocent stage. That will not last very long as she will pick up information from the outside. In the meantime, enjoy the sweet innocence of your angelic baby. Thanks for the touching post. God bless you all.

  3. hahahaha makalingaw man si Akesha oi. na saon man na mommy, patun-lon man kag 2 eggs. kaluoy sad naningil intawon og manghod hehehe.karon pa ko ka-dagbo aning ‘the birds and the bees’ nga story

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