It’s Memory Lane Monday once again! Thanks to Mel of Memory Lane for hosting this meme. This week’s theme is about ACHIEVEMENT.

One of Akesha’s achievements last year was when she started kindergarten. Aside from that she did pretty well on her swimming class and did great in soccer. ┬áTo sum it up, our major achievement last year was when hubby retired from the military. Finally! No more lonely nights for me…nyahhahaa!

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8 thoughts on “Achievements

  1. congrats to both of you, you guys have overcome those times that have to deal being away from each other. another plans na sd sa family being a retired couple, of course more vacay across the state and outside the country hehehe

  2. Oh no more worries and cold nights for you then. Congrats sissy! May you have more blessings! kisses for your little Akesha. Visiting from MLM here Smile

  3. yay! congrats on the retirement, love is forever for yah Mommy Dhemz, no more lonely nights Smile congrats on Akesha’s swimming and soccer. We are fortunate that we have our pool that the kids learned it by them self with their Daddies help too. Visiting from Memory Lane, hope that you can return the visit too.

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