New Year 2012

How was your New Year’s day celebration everyone? Ours was OK!

It was not as exciting as what we do every year in the Philippines. Honestly speaking, nothing can compare with how Filipinos celebrates New Year’s day.

On New Year’s eve, I prepared a pan of pancit and I  some pork adobo. And I also made a fruit salad.

One of the best cake I had so far. It’s called triple chocolate tiger.
After dinner we went outside to watch fireworks. Happy New year to all!

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7 thoughts on “New Year 2012

  1. hehehe malingaw mn ko maminaw ni goryo nga you prepared a lot hehehe, pero daghan na bitaw jd ni tsang no. kita ra mn gd mo hurot ug kaon, nya kini sila once a day old na nga food, nya naay new nga giluto aguy i snob tong gi init nga food hehehehe. ang maid magtiwas waaa

    Happy New year again Dias Family, maayo ug mas daghan pa blessings coming our way in the year 2012 and all through out the year and coming years hehe

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