Memory Lane Monday

Special friend is the theme for this week’s Memory Lane Monday. For this week, I’m featuring the photos of my kids. Ever since my daughter was born, Buddy has always there beside her. He is gentle and very protective to Akesha.

Together they share a special bond.

Facts about them:
– Akesha can’t go to bed without Buddy in her room.
– Buddy will do everything for her. Once he hears Akesha screaming for his name, he’ll jump in one second and follows her.

6 thoughts on “Memory Lane Monday

  1. awww that is one touching friendship of a girl and a dog. maayo unta ug palwatan na si buddy bayot aron sd naa little buddy ba, ky sus mura jd tiguwang na si buddy.

    Akesha is such a sweet girl, i don’t want to think of the bad things that might happen to buddy because that will break your heart especially akesha. I love buddy’s fur tsang, paliwati na ug daghan
    Shydub recently posted..Memory Lane Monday {Special Friend} Now A Mommy

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