Bike Riding

One of the activities that we enjoy doing during summer time is bike riding. Hubby and I started biking since I was pregnant with Akesha. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco going to Sausalito when Akesha was over a year old. That was one of the greatest experiences I’ve done in my life.
It’s not summer yet, but it’s starting to feel like it. Spring weather here in Central Texas is between 84-90 and summer weather here is between 90-115.

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6 thoughts on “Bike Riding

  1. I miss biking so much! I am so jealous! hehehehe… With the kids right now, it still is impossible to go out on the country road biking. We just don’t feel safe anymore. You two look good even though giinitan ang nawong ni Akesha tanawon. hehehehe…. Cute kaayo ang bike ni Akesh. Smile

  2. Yaiks! Spring weather here is in the 40s and 50s! Hastang tugnawa mag-biking! Lol. I love biking, too. Mao pud among activity ni Jonathan sauna ever since I got here. I only take a break during pregnancies. Did you say you were biking when you were pregnant with Akesh? How far along were you Dhemz nga naka-bike pa ka? I wish I can still bike now, pero di jud mosugot akong sakop. Lol. Next summer nalang ko mag-resume! Ka-wow siguro atong imong experience crossing the Golden Gate on a bike no? Kanus-a pa kaya ko maka-experience. Bisan crossing the Golden Gate driving– layo pa kaayo sa tinuod, samot na sa biking. Lol.

    BPC hop!

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