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Allergic reactions are triggered by ingesting, touching or inhaling an allergen. Those who have allergies would choose to just stay at home to restrict their exposure to allergens, particularly those that are airborne. What we don’t know is that out home can also have airborne allergens than can trigger severe allergic reactions. The most common allergens are dust mites, pollens, molds, animals or pets, and chemicals. Dust mites are microscopic insects that live all around us. They are the most common cause of chronic sneezing and wheezing as well as persistent runny nose and stuffy nose and ears. These mites can usually be found in beddings, upholstered furniture and carpets. Pollens are tiny particles that are released in the air by trees, weeds and grasses to fertilize other plants. Pollen allergy, or commonly known as hay fever or rose fever, are seasonal and its symptoms includes runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes, throat and nose. Molds thrive in dark, damp and poorly ventilated areas of your home. They can travel easily in the air. They can cause severe reactions if they are allowed to thrive in great concentrations in your home.

There are several steps that you can take to lessen or completely eliminate the presence of allergens in your home. Regularly clean your house so that you can get rid of dusts to prevent dust mites from thriving. You can also use air purifiers and humidifiers to improve the quality of air inside your home. Use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products because they do not have harsh chemicals which can aggravate or trigger allergic reactions. As long as you are conscientious about everything that you use in your home and keep your house clean, you will be able to eliminate allergens and there will be no more hay fever for any member of your family.

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